Combination 2

Combination 2

Rp 80,000Rp 2,750,000

5x Large beanbag [LBB/054]
3x Classic double ottoman [CDO/004]
4x Summer chair [SC/035]
1x Bar counter and sides [BAR/018]
2x Classic four seater ottoman [C4SO/005]
5x Cube ottoman small [COS/006]
2x Medium coffee table [MCT/012]
1x Large coffee table [LCT/013]
2x Summer Ottoman [SU/009]

Total price 7,812,000


Rp 2,750,000
Rp 230,000
Rp 370,000
Rp 80,000
Rp 86,000

Product Description

With this wonderful weather in Bali, what could be better than a pool party.

Bright and interesting, the beanbags and cushions give a lot of colour to your event, making it even more appealing.