Combination 1

Combination 1

Rp 60,000Rp 1,700,000

1x Pallet table large [PTL/022]
1x Pallet table small [PTS/021]
4x Rustic bench [RB/027]
8x Rustic chair [RC/038]
1x Day bed with canopy [DBC/012]
4x Directors chair [DC/039]
1x Four seater lounger [FSL/013]
1x Sawhorse cocktail table [SCT/004]
2x Bentwood stool [BS/026]

Total price 4,290,000


Rp 1,700,000
Rp 580,000
Rp 140,000
Rp 60,000
Rp 70,000
Rp 110,000

Product Description

Wedding on the beach???? This is for you.

Beautiful furniture to complete the beautiful surroundings.

This arrangement also looks great on grass areas. The green grass compliments the rustic look created here